Which Cleaning Methods Can Lighten Stubborn Stains?

Which Cleaning Methods Can Lighten Stubborn Stains? Professional DIY tips for upholstery stain treatment services.

Stains are a headache no matter where they occur and no matter how much you try to prevent them from happening, either you have a carpet or a sofa, or a rug , or anything that can have stains will definitely have stains. No matter how much you try, something will happen one day or another and your precious sofa or carpet will get that coffee mark or wine mark. Preventing your valuable sofas from stain is something that happens only with the luckiest.

Cleaning Stubborn Stains From Sofa

Here are a Few Sofa Cleaning Methods Following Which You Can Deal With Those Stubborn Stains on your Sofa:

  • Cold Water and Liquid Dishwasher –

    Add cold water to a liquid dishwasher in the ratio of 2:1 in a spray bottle and spray the mixture on the stain. Rub it with a brush to scrape off the stain as much as possible. Then let it sit for about 20-mins for its effect. Use a kitchen paper to absorb the stain starting from the outer to center.
  • Vinegar Solution –

    If you like home remedies then white vinegar is the best tool to remove odor and stains. Mix 1:1 cup of white vinegar and cool water in a spray bottle. Before applying the solution remove easy solid particles. Also if there is any fluid on the stain then instead of wiping it dab them with kitchen paper so that it doesn’t spread. Now spray the solution on the stain but do not over do it. With a white cloth start absorbing the stain from the outer part to the center.
    If the stain is not completely gone then apply the solution once more and repeat the method to remove the stain completely. With clean damp cloth, rinse the stain area thoroughly until the vinegar solution is removed and then dry it using a hair dryer so that water mark doesn’t form.
  • Carbonated Water Solution –

    Carbonated water with soda water is usually used to remove stains as it is pH neutral and odorless. If you have stubborn stains like wine or blood then this solution will become handy. So instead of using water use a little carbonated water on the stain to rise up. Dry the damp spot with kitchen paper starting from the outer edge to the center. Also don’t forget to dry the area with a hair dryer to prevent water marks.
  • Baking Soda Paste –

    Mix ¼ cup of baking soda and ⅛ cup of water together in a bowl thoroughly until it’s paste is formed. This home remedy is really effective for stains like coffee and wine. First absorb all the easy spillage from the area and then apply the paste on it. Leave the paste for a few hours or overnight to let the magic happen. Vacuum the entire area after the paste is all dried up to show the results like a pro. Well now that you know all the secret sofa & couch cleaning in Melbourne techniques It’s finally time to show off your professional talents at home. Wink, Wink….!

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