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Things you do which can damage your sofa

A sofa is the most comfortable place in our house. It’s prior to our bed and second most important upholster in our house. There’s a reason some people are called couch potato, they get emotionally attached to their sofa and spend most the time on it. From watching tv to playing video games, our sofa stays our favourite corner. Providing us with a warm and cosy feeling and taking nothing in return is very compassionate. On the other hand, we should also do something for our favourite spot, in order to maintain it’s warm and cosy feeling. In this article, you’ll read that, how you’re causing damage to your sofa and reducing its lifespan.

Damage-1 – Sitting in the same spot every time

Our habit of sitting in the same spot every time is maybe not bad for us, but it’s bad for our sofa. When you sit or lie in the same spot every time on your sofa, will make the sofa saggy from one side and rigid from one side. It’ll not only look odd but cause premature wearing.

Sofa Stain Removal Services

Sofa Stain Removal Services

Damage-2 – Jumping on the sofa

If you have kids or boys in your houses, there are chances that they’re invading your sofa. So, become strict and make them sit peacefully or you might end up with a squeaky sofa. Jumping on the sofa also sometimes damage the frame and makes it less supportive.

Damage-3 – Not cleaning the sofa regularly

When you don’t clean your sofa regularly, you’re letting the dust sits on the sofa. Which makes the fabrics week and dusty. Vacuuming the sofa daily is the best thing you can do for your sofa, it’ll suck all the dirt and debris from it and make the fabric or foam lang lasting. However, do not use a multi-purpose cleaner on your sofa, instead use a cleaner which is meant to clean the only sofa. Or you can hire professionals to clean your sofa once a year.

Best Upholstery Cleaners

Best Upholstery Cleaners

Damage-4 – You’re sleeping on your sofa

Taking a quick nap isn’t bad for a sofa. But if you’re taking a full night sleep on your sofa, you’re damaging it. The cushions and fabric of the sofa aren’t meant for sleeping, the sofa will become saggy and lost its essence soon. Do not sleep, consider your bed for that.

Choose professionals

Sofa Cleaning Services

Sofa Cleaning Services

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