Top Sofa Cleaning Techniques Used by Melbourne’s Best Professional Cleaners

Sofas and couches are high-traffic items in any house, office or commercial spaces. People use it the most for snacking and watching television with their loved ones. They are used the most also when there are guests at home. On the other hand, their maintenance is often neglected as the dirt may not show up easily or the surfaces may not show any signs of filth.

However, they need to be cleaned regularly by professionals because a lot of dust and dirt accumulates inside with constant use. Listed in this blog are some sofa cleaning techniques that are used by professional sofa cleaners in Melbourne:

  • Steam Cleaning 

This method makes use of steam in collecting dirt, dust and other grime existing in deeper portions of the sofa. High-temperature steam is injected into the surfaces, joints and seams of the sofa. The steam acts to eliminate dirt, dust and additional moisture. This cleaning technique also reduces the possibility of shrinkage of the sofa fabric.

  • Dry Cleaning 

Dry cleaning is another effective professional sofa cleaning technique that can clean out the dirtiest sofas in a matter of a few hours. In this cleaning method, a dry cleaning product is applied onto the sofa which helps in breakdown of mud, dirt, sweat and body oils absorbed by the sofa. The product and dirt residue is rinsed out making the fabric look clean and fresh. This technique also ensures there is no loss of colour or change of texture of the fabric.

  • Carbonation Cleaning

Carbonation cleaning is an excellent sofa cleaning technique that also ensures deep cleaning of the fabric. Professional sofa cleaners first introduce tiny carbonated cleaning bubbles into the sofa fabric. These bubbles penetrate deeper into the fabric and bring up the dust and dirt to the top surface. After that, the entire residue is vacuumed and the sofa becomes free of dirt once again. This technique also uses less water which reduces the possibility of mold and mildew growth on your couch.

  • Encapsulation

In this method, an encapsulating cleaning solution is applied onto the fabric of the sofa. A brush is used to evenly spread out the solution on the entire sofa fabric. The solution is then wiped off with a clean rag or paper towel. The professional may also apply hot water extraction method to rinse out the waste and product material from the couch fabric. It is concluded with vacuuming for smooth removal of dust, allergens and dirt.  

Importance Of  Professional Sofa Cleaning

People use their couches and sofas throughout the day. Regular sofa cleaning is as important as regular house cleaning since the sofa also is the most used piece of furniture in majority households. Mentioned below are some points that reiterate the importance of regular sofa cleaning:

  • Indoor air quality

The sofas and couches have dead skin, germs, bacteria, body oils, dust and dirt which gets released into the air every time you occupy the furniture. This acts to degrade the indoor air quality in your surroundings. Additionally, not all air filters are able to pick out these allergens and agents that contaminate the air. As a result, some allergens remain stuck inside the upholstery. Professional sofa cleaners can eliminate every trace of allergens from the sofa in a single session.

  • Improve the durability of your sofa

Sofas are expensive investments which are not easily replaceable for many. Dirt and dust causes the sofa to look faded and worn out. Dust particles are also abrasive in nature which means it can reduce the durability of your sofa. Regular cleaning and vacuuming can keep off these dirt elements from your sofa. Opting for professional cleaning 1-2 times a year can improve the durability and add to the life of your sofa. 

  • Add to the appearance of the sofa

Sofas collect a lot of dirt, and stains from drinks, beverages, sweat, pet urine etc. which can hardly remain hidden with the help of blankets and sofa throws. They start looking dirty if the stains remain untreated. The sofas also undergo a lot of wear and tear.

The house also starts looking dull and boring if the sofas are unclean or left untreated and dirty. With regular cleaning, your sofa will look bright, refreshing and more welcoming. It will also save you a lot of embarrassment in front of your friends and guests.

  • DIY can cause damage

Cleaning machines, and equipment rented from stores can damage the sofa upholstery to a great extent. Such machinery is not serviced between cleans which may facilitate transfer of dirt from previous cleans onto your sofa. The quantity of water and products prescribed in the DIY methods may not be suitable for the fabric of your sofa. Using excess water or shampoo may also lead to growth of mould and mildew on the sofa.

All such damages can be easily prevented when you hire a sofa cleaning professional for the job. They are aware of all probable issues and carry out due precaution so those issues do not happen.

  • Odour removal

 Sofa upholstery absorbs a lot of smells on a daily basis – curries, body smell, pet urine, and a whole lot of other things. It may also smell bad if you have a baby and the sofa is used as a feeding and changing station. Additionally, the dirt, spilled foods and drinks, humidity, and body sweats and oils often make the sofa smell extremely awful and unpleasant.

Professional sofa cleaning services have specialized cleaning solutions and services catering to the removal of such smells. Your sofa will smell pleasant and nice once the professionals apply their skill for its cleaning.

Listed in this blog were some key sofa cleaning techniques used by Melbourne’s professional cleaners. Also it is really important to have experienced sofa cleaning professionals on-board for the upkeep of your sofa. With their expertise and skills they can cleanse and service your sofa in the least possible time. Opt for professional sofa cleaning for appropriate maintenance of your sofas.