Six Tips to Maintain Fiber Couches Yourself

You can follow some of these below mentioned easy, step-by-step points on how to clean your fiber couches or any other upholstery yourself if you don’t want any professional help. 

Maintain Fiber Couches Yourself

Check The Cleaning Code of your Furniture:

The first step is to search for your sofa tag and see the cleaning code mentioned on it. 

  • W:- It stands for water- based cleaner. You can only use a solution that uses water as the main component to clean your upholstery. 
  • S:- It stands for solvent which means this upholstery will require a solvent which is actually a type of solution that uses a chemical compound as their main component. 
  • S/W:- This stands for solvents and water cleaners so you can use both solvents and water for your process of couch cleaning in Melbourne

Check your Manufacturer’s Recommendations:

You would do more harm than good if you forget to check the recommendations mentioned on the tag and cause some serious,  permanent damage to your upholstery.


One of the first steps for couch cleaning on your own is to use a stiff brush and run it all over the fabric. 

This will cause all the loose dirt and dust to fall off the surface. 


You can even run a vacuum all over it to remove the extra dust and dirt stuck in the corners. 

Baking Soda

This is a universal and effective cleaning product used. You can use this all over the couch to remove any odour or unpleasant smell and it also loses some of the stains. 

But do ensure that you test a portion of your sofa first before sprinkling it all over the upholstery. You can even use baking soda with water for much more efficiency. 

Spot Cleaning

Identify areas or spots on your sofa that needs extra attention and use the recommended products on them. 

Test a small area for any discolouration before proceeding any further. 

Use a water based cleaner or a solvent cleaner according to what is mentioned on your sofa tag. 


After the cleaning process, you need to dry it off by wiping the wet areas with a soft, dry towel to soak up the moisture remaining. 

You can even brush off the extra solutions cleaning present. 

Air Dry

Leave your upholstery alone for some hours for it  naturally dry so the next morning you can see the result of all your hard work. 

One of the best methods to clean your upholstery is by using an upholstery steam cleaner.

Before you use this method, make sure that your sofa is not only water proof but also heat proof. You can even test on a small area before proceeding any further. 

Read the manual carefully before using a steam cleaner on your upholstery. You can always vacuum and brush first as it will remove the loose stains, dust and dirt making it easier for the steam cleaner to remove the remaining stain and odour.

For this method, make sure you have plenty of air circulation which will prevent moisture buildup. You can even keep a window open overnight to help dry out the room. At the end, you can vacuum once again once the sofa is completely dry just to remove any left dust or dirt. 

How Can We Assist You in your Couch Cleaning Job?

We at Spotless Upholstery Cleaning understand that couch cleaning is tough as it has nicks and corners which cannot be cleaned or improved by yourselves. It is definitely a tough task especially if you have a fiber couch and it has flirth on the same.

Get in touch with us at 0482075034 and make your sofa as new.

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