How to Clean Microfiber Upholstered Sofa?

Cleaning your microfiber upholstered sofa is easier than cleaning a leather sofa. Here is a simple procedure on how to do it effectively without damaging the fabric.

Vacuuming: Start from the basics; use a vacuum to clean your sofa and remove the dust, dirt particles, and other allergens from the surface. With microfiber you can be sure that the contaminants don’t go deep inside the fabric. So cleaning the outer surface is sufficient.
Brushing: Next you should use a dry brush to get rid of crusty spills and scrub stains with it. Use a brush on the otherwise covered areas too by removing all cushions.
Tag Instructions: Now, to go further in this process, you need to read the manufacturer’s tag to read the cleaning instructions. W means you can water-based cleaning solution, S for water-free solvent, S/W for either and X for nothing at all.
Cleaning Solution: If the tag does not say X then you can find a nice cleaning solution for your microfiber couch and use it for cleaning. Mild dish detergent, upholstery shampoo and gentle soap are some of the water-based solvents. Alcohols like gin and vodka, dry cleaning solution, lighter fluids and baby wipes are water-free solutions.
Stain Removal: By applying the solution directly on the stain and soaking it with a paper towel, you can do away with the stains too.
Re-brushing: Pick up the dry brush again and with a soft hand use it on your sofa. This will soften it down and you won’t feel any hardness that comes after cleaning.
For all time remember not to use with bleach or acetone containing solutions of microfiber. And if you still some doubts, call the expert Upholstery cleaners!

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