Leather Sofa Cleaning

Isn’t that a stain on your leather sofa , which make you search for a leather sofa cleaning service provider? If yes, is what you nodded in, read it ahead and find an ideal solution to get rid of your stains and grime from your favorite Leather Sofa.

Spotless Upholstery Cleaning offer Leather Sofa Cleaning and leather protection services. Professional leather conditioning and leather stain cleaning protection.

Yes, It is – There’s No Doubt About That……….!!!

Your Sofa is completely ruined with a stain – and the worst part – if they are left untreated, they can be very hard to remove. Moreover in case of ‘aniline leather sofa cleaning’ – it is important to use the protective layer after removing the stains from your sofa. It can improvise the shine and make it dirt-free. You can contact us so that we can get in touch with you to sort out your problem.

So, What to Do…?

You can take solace in the fact that the leather sofas are not hard to clean – rather, you can do so in a gentle way, and the good news is that the more gentle your cleaning method is, the better it is for the leather sofa. The leather is known to be a forgiving material, and when treated with care, they can stand the test of time.

leather Sofa Cleaning
leather Sofa Cleaning

How Often Should You Clean Your Leather Sofa?

Before the stains get a chance to set down, clean them immediately. Remember that the older the stains are, the harder it gets to remove them – and the bad news is that then, the gentler methods of leather sofa cleaning won’t work on them.

Your best bet is to clean your leather sofa cleaning quite regularly preventing any chance of dirt buildup. When it comes to cleaning your leather sofa, it is best to bid by the instructions of the sofa’s manufacturer – save their given instructions and follow them to a tee. After all, those instructions are tailor-made for the leather which was used on your sofa.

If by any chance, you have misplaced the instructions, don’t attempt anything on your own – rather, ask the sofa’s retailer or better yet, contact the manufacturer and ask for the instructions.

In case you find it really tough, get in touch with Upholstery Cleaning in Canberra and find solutions to all your needs under one roof.

What Supplies Should You Use for Cleaning Your Leather Sofa?

When you see no instructions as to how you should clean your leather sofa, the best and the simplest way is to take the help of a very mild soap – say, Dove or even, Ivory, for that matter. But remember that before you start your cleaning spree, test it first in a discreet spot and allow it to dry. If all goes well, then you can proceed – and the best part is that cleaning leather sofas with mild soap works well for most.

Upholstery Cleaning Service
Upholstery Cleaning Service

How Should You Clean your Leather Sofa?

When it comes to treating a stain on leather sofa, the very first step that you need to take is to start with a gentle method. While a stubborn stain may take time to be removed, but know this – most stains respond well to the gentle method of cleaning.

  • When it comes to stains, sometimes, a microfiber cloth is all it takes. All you need to do is take the cloth – it should be a dry one – and try to wipe out the stain before it gets dry and gets hard to remove. Since the stain will be wet, the microfiber cloth will get most of the stain.
    Once you are done with the microfiber cloth, try considering moistening a different clean and dry cloth and swipe it lightly across a bar of mild soap. If, however, you are using liquid soap, a very small amount will do. Now, gently clean the surface of the stain with the damp cloth.
  • When it comes to cleaning your leather sofa, first, use a soft clean and absorbent cloth. Also, take note to have a few more extras on your hand – you are going to need them for wet wiping and then, for some drying later on.
  • Try to blot up the stain as much as you can if it came from a liquid. Don’t make the mistake of wiping it as it will only make the stain bigger and much more difficult to manage.
  • Wet the cloth lightly – just enough to be damp – to clean the stain on the leather sofa. On occasions, even spraying water on the cloth from a spray bottle works well. Just remember to wring out the excess water from the cloth before you decide to clean the stain or else, the excess water from the cloth will leave ugly water stains on the leather sofa.
    If you want, as mentioned before, you can apply soap to the damp cloth. Simply wiping the damp cloth on a bar of soap will work wonders, and work it into a lather.
  • Take the damp cloth and then, work into the stain. For best results, it is recommended that you use circular motions – they usually work well.
  • When done, you don’t have to rinse. Simply try to buff the wet place with a dry cloth and remember never to let the leather sofa get extremely wet as it will ruin the leather. Just try to absorb all the excess moisture with a clean and dry cloth.
    If needed, you can polish the leather after it gets dry, but frankly, this method is more than enough.

In case you consider leather sofa cleaning unmanageable, please contact professional leather Sofa cleaners as they understand the technique which can go right on your upholstery in the first go.

Preparations You Need to Do Before You Call a Specialist Leather Cleaner;

  1. Try and evacuate the room
  2. Cover the costly items in the room, so that the impact of cleaners is not visible
  3. As you hire a leather sofa cleaner, make sure that pregnant women and children are isolated in a different room, as the fumes can harm sensitive and allergy prone people.

Why It is Really Important to Maintain Cleanliness of The Leather Furniture?

Leather sofas are some of the most enjoyed furniture, but often, we tend to overlook them – but we should know that they attract stains, dirt, dust and body oils just as easily as that of a carpet or rug.

Expert Sofa Cleaning
Expert Sofa Cleaning

How Can We Help You?

We, Spotless Upholstery Cleaning know this, and as such, we recommend going for professional couch cleaning every 10 to 20 months or better yet, frequently every six months for residences as well as for business offices. In order to clean each and every piece of furniture, we, Spotless Upholstery Cleaning take the instructions of the manufacturer quite seriously and use cleaning tools and products in accordance with it and that which is safe for both home and office.

When you hire us to trust with your furniture, we also do the same. We ensure that your home or office is free of stains, odors and indoor allergens while ensuring that they look freshly furnished. We use the most innovative technologies and advanced equipment and coupled with our professional crews, we are always committed to customer satisfaction and outstanding service.

Want to request a quote? You can contact us by giving a call at (+61) 482 075 034 and say yes to the feel of fresh looking furniture.

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