How To Remove Ink Stains From Sofa?

Ink stain is common on your clothes and bags but on upholstery, it’s quite uncommon. But you might’ve slept on the sofa or your toddler is learning some writing skills and they chose the sofa to draw their masterpiece. The stains caused by ink are really tough and can be really difficult to deal with, whatever the reason is behind ink stain, the main concern is how you can remove it from the couch. When it comes to removing the ink stain, it’s a task which needs skills and proper supplies to completely remove the stain. In this blog, you’ll read some effective ways of upholstery stain removal.

Here Are Some Steps To Completely Remove the Stains.

  1. Take a dropper and fill it with hydrogen peroxide, now aim the dropper at the area of upholstery which is affected by the ink stain. The hydrogen peroxide will stop ink from further spreading. So, while removing stain it’ll not spread on the fabric.

    Upholstery Cleaning Service
    Upholstery Cleaning Service
  1. Take a soft cloth, a towel is ideal for doing this step. Now, pour a few drops of nail polish remover or you can use rubbing alcohol if the acetone nail polish remover is not available. Try to dampen the cloth with these chemicals, with enough dampness so that it can easily remove the ink stain.
  1. Upholstery cleaning is an easy task, as the size of upholstery is not that big if the ink stain happens on the surface do not panic. Now the next step is blotting, blot the ink stain with the cloth in which you’ve applied the acetone or rubbing alcohol. When you blot the stain, you’ll not the ink is lifting onto the towel. Keep repeating this process, so that all the stain go away. At some point, the stain will become light and ready to be removed.
  1. The final step includes dishwashing soap, water and the same cloth which you’ve used earlier, well you can use a different one too, totally up to you. Now, mix ½ cup of cold water then add a few drops of a mild liquid dish soap. Take the cloth and moist it with the water and soap and gently wipe the ink stain. After wiping clean the surface using plain water and remove all the soap residue.
  1. Hairspray is an also effective ink stain remover you can use it too or buy it from your local store. Apply the spray on the stain and the stain will go woosh. Just kidding! You need to blot the stain using a cloth, yes the same cloth which you have used previously if it’s not dirty. In case the stain is still dirty, you can use a new cloth, totally up to you.

Call Professionals.

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Professional Upholstery Cleaning
Professional Upholstery Cleaning