Can you do something about dog urine on my upholstery?

Yes, we can clean dog urine without any stress. Our professional and upholstery expert cleaners are expressly trained to treat dirty and odor left by dog urine. So if your pet has spoiled your valuable upholstery then worry not! We, Spotless Cleaners, are here to help you out.

Do you stand for your upholstery cleaning service?

We offer you complete satisfaction by promising that if you do not like our cleaning services then we will revisit your place to re-clean without any additional cost. We are able to offer such a promise because we are fully confident about our upholstery cleaning and our certified cleaners who are well-versed with their profession. We have exclusive and latest cleaning equipment and unbeatable cleaning procedures to offer you the best of service. Also, all our cleaners have to go through rigorous training once they are selected to be a part of our team. So with Spotless Upholstery Cleaning, you can sit back and relax and have your upholstery spotlessly cleaned.

Can you take away bad smells from my upholstery?

Yes; our trained cleaners know how to get rid of bad smells from your upholstery. We are odor removal specialists; no matter whatever. Our cleaning method involves sanitizing and deodorizing so that your upholstery get rid of stains, dust, dirt mites, pollutants, contaminants, and all kind of odor. So with Spotless Upholstery Cleaning, you just have to give us a call and we will take care of everything else!

What if I have more questions?

If we have not been capable to answer any of your questions then we would request you to call us and talk to our customer executives, who will be happy to answer any of your queries.

Can you clean outdoor cushions?

Yes, we do clean outdoor pillows too. If you want we can clean them in your premises or we can bring them to our facility and get them cleaned. It can be done as per your convenience. We have particular cleaning agent for outdoor furniture that inhibits the mildew growth during summers.

How to Clean Microfiber Upholstered Sofa?

Cleaning your microfiber upholstered sofa is easier than cleaning a leather sofa. Here is a simple procedure on how to do it effectively without damaging the fabric.

Vacuuming: Start from the basics; use a vacuum to clean your sofa and remove the dust, dirt particles, and other allergens from the surface. With microfiber you can be sure that the contaminants don’t go deep inside the fabric. So cleaning the outer surface is sufficient.
Brushing: Next you should use a dry brush to get rid of crusty spills and scrub stains with it. Use a brush on the otherwise covered areas too by removing all cushions.
Tag Instructions: Now, to go further in this process, you need to read the manufacturer’s tag to read the cleaning instructions. W means you can water-based cleaning solution, S for water-free solvent, S/W for either and X for nothing at all.
Cleaning Solution: If the tag does not say X then you can find a nice cleaning solution for your microfiber couch and use it for cleaning. Mild dish detergent, upholstery shampoo and gentle soap are some of the water-based solvents. Alcohols like gin and vodka, dry cleaning solution, lighter fluids and baby wipes are water-free solutions.
Stain Removal: By applying the solution directly on the stain and soaking it with a paper towel, you can do away with the stains too.
Re-brushing: Pick up the dry brush again and with a soft hand use it on your sofa. This will soften it down and you won’t feel any hardness that comes after cleaning.
For all time remember not to use with bleach or acetone containing solutions of microfiber. And if you still some doubts, call the expert Upholstery cleaners!

How do you charge for commercial upholstery cleaning?

For commercial upholstery cleaning, the cost is calculated per seat. This gives a transparency to the work and you can be sure of the cost-effective nature of our cleaning services. To receive an instant, rough and free estimate of upholstery cleaning. Get a FREE Quote. Call us Now: – 1800 044 929.

Are your cleaners insured?

Yes, all our cleaners are completely insured. We love to provide security to our customers so that they can rely on our services without any second thoughts. For this reason, we make sure that all our cleaners are insured and licensed to perform cleaning services in Melbourne.

Will you ensure my satisfaction with your upholstery cleaning services?

Yes, your happiness is our first goal. We can’t work without that. Our whole reputation in the cleaning industry is because of the fact that we have never left a task in the middle and have never left our customer feeling disappointed with any of our cleaning services. Our expert cleaners at Spotless Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne are trained accordingly and they will leave your place only when they know that you are happy with our cleaning service.

Can you clean leather upholstery?

Yes, we do clean leather upholstery at Spotless Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne. We are upholstery cleaning specialists and we are expert to handle all types of upholstery – whether upholstery, silk, microfiber, or synthetic.

Is there any guarantee for your upholstery cleaning services?

Spotless Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne offers guaranteed results for all its upholstery cleaning services. We assure you that our cleaners will leave your place once you are absolutely satisfied with our cleaning services.

Do you provide upholstery cleaning services on weekends?

Yes, Spotless Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne works on weekends too. Just give us a call and we will arrange for your upholstery cleaning service on your desired weekend, at no additional charge!

What if a spot or stain recurs?

Deep stains, which are at the back of the upholstery fabric, can come to surface again. If a spot returns in a day or two after upholstery cleaning then it is one of those deep stains. Our experts will guide you about this before they set down to the cleaning process.

Can you remove stains from my upholstery?

Yes, at Spotless Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne we are true to our name. We do a thorough cleaning of your upholstered items and ensure no stains are left behind. We have tougher cleaning solutions for tougher stains. Call us to experience a wonderful cleaning experience.

Should fabric from cushion to be removed for cleaning?

ANS: Not required. We would clean both your cushion and fabric.

Which way do you follow to clean upholstered furniture?

We are the professional services having a very good knowledge to deal with your furnishing stuff. We know what is the best method of the cleaning process. There are different methods to clean different types of furniture. Basically, the advanced method of powerful hot water extraction is the best cleaning process in most cases. You will get the deepest cleaning among all the possible process. A few delicate fabric may require more attention while cleaning. Those cases need special care and diligence and we act as per the situation need.