Do’s & Don’ts During Settee Sofa Protection

Our furniture is the essential foundation of our living room. They add color, texture, and décor to your living room that making it attractive and cozy. We make a lot of effort to make our living room attractive and unique to make a good impression on our guests. We use some methods and techniques to maintain our furniture. Using different means can be effective or sometimes it can cause damage to your furniture. Before cleaning or opting for new ways of cleaning and protecting your Settee Sofa it is advisory to have full knowledge about the new method.

Settee Sofa Protection

Don’ts During Settee Sofa Protection:

We make so many mistakes while cleaning and protecting our settee sofa. Here are some don’ts during settee sofa protection:-

  1. Rubbing vigorously our Settee Sofa:

We damage the fabric of Settee Sofa by rubbing it vigorously with ether or concentrated vinegar that fades away from your fabric. So, your fabric loses its color or fades away. 

2. Delaying to clean the liquid spills:

We mostly ignore cleaning the liquid spills. You should clean your spill instantly to prevent permanent staining.

3. Using bleach:

Bleach is a strong cleansing agent that can even fade away the color of your fabric and make your Settee Sofa unpleasant to look at. It is advisory not to use bleaching solutions to clean your fabric or your Settee Sofa as it will harm your Settee Sofa.

4. Using harsh chemicals:

We mostly think that using strong chemicals cleans our Settee Sofa efficiently. But by using strong and harsh chemicals you will insert strong fumes into your Settee Sofa and cause a strong odour that will cause headache or lack of concentration. So, it is better to use organic cleaning sprays or detergents to clean your Settee Sofa effectively.

Dos During Settee Sofa Protection:

You can protect your Settee Sofa by following the settee sofa protection tips given below:

  1. The understanding fabric of Settee Sofa:

It is advisory to have full knowledge about the fabric before conducting cleaning operations on it.

2. Act quickly:

It is better to act quickly on liquid spills than to clean them after some time. If you delay it, it can cause permanent stains and damage your fabric.

3. Vacuum cleaning regularly:

You can protect your Settee Sofa by cleaning them with a vacuum cleaner. As vacuum cleaners remove dirt and dust effectively and prevent dust particles from settling on the surface.

4. Using baking soda and vinegar:

You can protect your Settee Sofa from dirty and stubborn stains by cleaning it instantly with baking soda and vinegar. So, mix one spoon of baking soda into 3 spoons of baking soda and apply it to the stain. Leave it for 5 minutes and clean it with a wet towel.


Our furniture easily absorbs dust, dirt, and allergens from the environment. It is our responsibility to protect our Settee Sofas by using effective and productive means. You can increase the lifespan of your Settee Sofas by hiring a professional upholstery cleaning company in Hobart.