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Which Cleaning Methods Can Lighten Stubborn Stains?

Which Cleaning Methods Can Lighten Stubborn Stains?

Which Cleaning Methods Can Lighten Stubborn Stains? Professional DIY tips for upholstery stain treatment services. Stains are a headache no matter where they occur and no matter how much you try to prevent them from happening, either you have a carpet or a sofa, or a rug , or anything that can have stains will […]

How to Clean White Leather Couch?

How to Clean White Leather Couch?

How to Clean White Leather Couch? Read DIY tips about cleaning your white leather couch stain free. Call Spotless Upholstery if needed professional help. Leather furniture is the sign of luxury that adds an elegance and charm to your home. The leather is a durable material which can even last a generation if kept cleaned […]

Quick Tricks To Dry Upholstery After Cleaning

Quick Tricks To Dry Upholstery After Cleaning

Introduction Keeping upholstery cleaning is an important process for all the people in the house. Sometimes you have to be mindful of how you should clean your upholstery. Just like fabric, everyday skin oils, dirt, hair, spills, or food particles attack upholstery. When your chairs or sofas start to look more dangerous than you think, […]

What to Do to Protect The Sofa from Food Stains?

Sofa stains are actually the enemies for the aesthetics of your households. There are various different ways in which you try to get rid of the same. But not each and every of the time you will get favorable conditions. Hence, it becomes quite acute for everyone to find out the ways in which you […]

5 Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Upholstery Clean

Keep Your Upholstery Clean

Upholstery such as sofas, couches, and furniture improves the decor of your house. However, it requires quite an investment to get all the upholstery for your house. You would not want to let them get damaged and get them replaced again, do you? To avoid saving your money from replacing the upholstery, you need to […]

How to Clean a Fabric Couch?

Clean a Fabric Couch

If you have a fabric couch in your home, you must have wondered how to get rid of the flirth off the couch. To your surprise, there are a few ways which you can try and implement. The fabric would attract more dust and hence there are chances that the fabric couch will become dustier […]

What Facts to Help You Get a Durable Sofa

Sofas are the piece of furniture needed and present at every household. Sofas are a valuable investment for the aesthetics of your house and making sure that your investment does not go to waste is what you need. Buying an expensive sofa just for the looks of it and it being of cheap quality is […]

How Often to Clean your Upholstery?

Cleaning the upholstery is such a crucial process for any of the household. Various times you get a puzzle about which process you need to take into consideration for cleaning your upholstery or not. Therefore, One of the things which are linked to the same is how often you should be to clean your upholstery. […]

Six Tips to Maintain Fiber Couches Yourself

You can follow some of these below mentioned easy, step-by-step points on how to clean your fiber couches or any other upholstery yourself if you don’t want any professional help.  Check The Cleaning Code of your Furniture: The first step is to search for your sofa tag and see the cleaning code mentioned on it.  […]

In Which Cases Should I Seek To Professionals for Upholstery Cleaning?

When you opt to purchase a good quality of furniture to add up to the decor of your apartment or office, it is for sure that you are investing a good amount of yours in it. However, investing in the purchase of the furniture is not just enough to let the furniture be with you […]

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