5 Tips to Protect Your Sofa From Accidental Spills

Upholsteries and furniture with elegant design and sophisticated look enhance the ambiance of our house. A sofa is one such possession which incurs substantial investment. Sofa makes our guests and friends feel a comfortable, and, welcome their presence. Spending time with kids, pets and family members can be inevitable instances of your sofa getting stained and spilled. Few unsightly stains can smear your sofa if pets and kids are not handled properly.

If we observe few precautions then we can certainly protect our sofa from such occasional and accidental spills. Here are the following –

  • Be cautious and choose the right fabric.

    Fabrics nowadays come in various categories and classifications. But on a wider perspective, they can either be out of a natural fiber or a synthetic fiber. Cotton, wool, silk, flax are natural fibers whereas nylon, polyester, and spandex are synthetic fibers. Natural fibers are generally not having the stain resistant quality. On the other hand, synthetic fibers are soft, water-resistant, and stain-resistant. So it is wise to use fabric made out of synthetic fibers. This will not allow the spills to leave any permanent stain on your sofa. Natural fibers are soft and comfortable. If you go for a natural fiber preference, then also go for some covers or protectors of synthetic fabric. This will also give protection to your sofa from accidental spills.

  • Avoid leather to be the exposed surface of your sofa.

    Couch Cleaning Melbourne

    Couch Cleaning Melbourne

    The leather is having a property to attract stains at a faster rate from your spill than other materials. Stains out of tea, coffee or alcoholic beverage spills are very much difficult to remove. So avoid leather to be the sitting surface of your sofa. Besides this, chances of wear and tear from scratches also exist on leather surfaces.

  • Prefer using stain guards.

    Irrespective of which fabric or material you are using, a stain guard can surely help you protect your sofa from spills. It resists your sofa from getting soiled or smeared with unwanted objects. In cases of accidental spills, this guard will facilitate  the removal easily and conveniently. There are many stain guards available in the market which can protect your sofa without altering the quality or feel of the upholstery.

  • Stay vigil and take quick actions.

    Do not wait for the guests to depart or the party to be over to clean the spill. Instantly take the initiative to clean it as soon as your sofa gets spilled. Avoid scrubbing the surface as this can help the spill to seep into the fabric of your sofa. Remove the spill by wiping it gently off the surface. After that use warm water and detergent to remove stains away from the surface.

  • Make your own checklist.

    Prevention is better than cure – we all are knowing this, but, now is the time to implement it. There must be some precautionary checklist to avoid accidental spills like –

    Sofa Steam Cleaning Services Melbourne

    Sofa Steam Cleaning Services Melbourne

    • Restrict pets and kids to play on your sofa.
    • Avoid having foods and drinks on your sofa.
    • Avoid keeping articles which are slippery or trippy near your sofa.
    • Ensure the stain guards are on before any party or social gathering in your house.

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